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Couples Therapy

Our approach to working with relationships is to promote effective communication, safe emotional expression, and development of pragmatic life skills.

VR Therapy

One of our service types is therapy utilizing virtual reality. This safe, effective and powerful method encourages creativity, social skills and problem solving abilities.

Pediatric Therapy

We treat children from birth through adolescence, accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Topics include: family bonding, developmental skills building and behavioral health.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Therapy on Demand about?

Therapy on Demand is an online healthcare company managed by Allied Healthcare clinicians and Medical Doctors with detailed knowledge and experience in home health care management.

We provide client-centered online therapy and wellness care, specializing in health conditions including: mental healthcare such as anxiety and depression; autism spectrum disorders, ADD/ADHD; musculoskeletal and pain conditions.

Is Therapy on Demand is covered by insurance?

Yes, we participate with many insurance companies to provide telehealth therapies. Book our "Free Screening" session to check your benefits and learn more.

Does Therapy on Demand offer Couples Therapy?

Yes, however; since couples therapy is not offered by all clinicians, please book a "Free Screening" and mention that you are seeking couples therapy to be matched with a provider who offers this service.

Can one use audio, text or picture messages if they do not feel comfortable attending webcam video sessions?

Yes, Therapy on Demand ensures that it provides flexibility in the communication process with prospects and customers. Therefore, you can chose between video or audio during online therapy sessions, or ask about our subscription to text message-based supportive care.

How long do the therapists take to respond to messages?

For inquiries they take between 10 minutes to 24 hours to respond depending on the number of inquiries on queue that particular day. The therapist also engaged with the prospect and customer’s one on one, 100% during your session time.

After my sign up, how long will it take to get matched with therapist?

In most cases instantly, but in some cases it can take less than 24 hours or less.

Could one use Therapy on Demand if they are outside of the USA?

Yes, we provide Wellness Coaching internationally. For the time zone, one can set their own time zone in the booking area to see available appointment times, or email to request an alternate time.

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