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Welcome to Your Journey to Wellness with Therapy on Demand

Therapy on Demand is a mobile healthcare company that provides health and wellness services, alongside consulting to medical and non-medical businesses: fully-managed web presences, business plans, virtual and mixed reality, artificial intelligence and blockchain solutions. Created in 2015, Therapy on Demand online and in-home therapy is owned and operated by practicing clinicians and therapists, including those with accreditation in the fields of mental health, occupational, physical, speech and massage therapy; plus home care and healthcare management. Our wellness experts have a combined 150 plus years of experience and participate in ongoing training we require for quality assurance and safety. In this way, our team works collaboratively to provide the most appropriate service, by the best-match provider, with “on-demand” availability through our digital tools that run on virtually any computer or mobile device. Our therapies and counseling provide a holistic client-centered approach to health-care and healing, from the comfort of home. 

Chat Online with Physical Therapists, Counsellors and Health Professionals

We offer specialists, therapist and counsellors who offer online therapy sessions for the treatment and management of such conditions as addiction, anxiety, autism, dementia, depression, autism spectrum disorders, ADD/ADHD, anger management, body dysmorphic disorders, bullying, dementia, eating disorders, intimacy issues, mindfulness, panic attacks, pain management, narcissistic abuse, opioid withdrawal, phobias, sleep disorders and PTSD. We also offer hypnotherapy, bio-feedback, marriage counseling, parental counseling, time management, nutrition, weight loss management and personal and career life coaching.

With regards to online physical therapy, Therapy on Demand also offers online chats with specialists in orthopedic physical therapy (to help manage sports injuries, arthritis, and post-operative joint pain). This is your choice of someone to talk to if you are recovering from fractures, sprains, tendonitis, and bursitis.

We also offer online geriatric physical therapy, neurological physical therapy and cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation, that manage issues to do with aging including arthritis, cancer, hip and joint replacement, balance, and incontinence, patient endurance and functional independence after having a heart attack or stroke.

Our goal is to provide wellness coaching sessions that are highly secure, private and US HIPAA compliant. At Therapy-On-Demand we highly value the privacy, security, and anonymity of our client. We also guarantee you that our therapies and counseling are 100 percent safe.

Don’t Just Survive, Thrive with a Personal Online Life Coach

Therapy on Demand is not just about recovery. It is also about being your optimum self in all areas of human wellness.  f you want to improve your physical, mental, and emotional well-being through personal coaching sessions, Therapy on Demand is just right for you.  We offer tested and proven therapy sessions with experts in Therapy, Allied Health, Psychology, Nutrition, Fitness, and Yoga that can help you get your life back on the fast track. You can also monitor your health and progress with our mobile app which provides you with custom feedback after each session. We will also match you with the best online therapists and life coaches based on your objectives, type of issues, and preferences to ensure that you choose the best path on your journal to wellness and meet your goals.

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