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Telemedicine is the use of telecommunication and information technology to provide clinical health care from a distance.

History of Telemedicine

The concept of telemedicine started with the birth of telecommunications technology, the means of sending information over a distance in the form of electromagnetic signals.  In 1925, a cover illustration of the Science and Invention magazine featured an odd invention by Dr. Hugo Gernsback, called the “teledactyl.” The imagined tool would use spindly robot fingers and radio technology to examine a patient from afar, and show the doctor a video feed of the patient. While this invention never got past the concept stage, it predicted the popular telemedicine definition we think of today – a remote video consult between doctor and patient.

Telemedicine Today

Today the telemedicine field is changing faster than ever before. As technology advances at exponential levels, so does the widespread affordability and accessibility to basic telemedicine tools. Telemedicine was originally created as a way to treat patients who were located in remote places, far away from local health facilities or in areas of with shortages of medical professionals. While telemedicine is still used today to address these problems, it’s increasingly becoming a tool for convenient medical care. Today’s connected patient wants to waste less time in the waiting room at the doctor, and get immediate care for minor but urgent conditions when they need it.

Telemedicine Medical Specialties

Telemedicine is used in many different medical fields, throughout ambulatory and hospital settings. there are several key niche telemedicine specialties.

  • Teleradiology
  • Teledermatology 
  • Tele oncology
  • Telerehabilitation
  • Teleobstetrics

Telemedicine saves Time and Money

Telemedicine not only saves time and money for patients, it also benefits the environment.

The health system saw some moderate savings as well. The telehealth appointments cost approximately $24 less per patient.

“We know that telemedicine is often looked to for common childhood ailments, like cold and flu, or skin rashes. But we wanted to look at how telemedicine could benefit patients within a particular specialty such as sports medicine,”

There are several advantages to telemedicine. One of the biggest is it gives you access to specialists and information that you might not readily have access to otherwise. In this way we can save our money.  During a telemedicine consultation, you usually have a chance to tell the doctor about your medical history and ask questions. In turn, the specialist can ask you questions directly. This telemedicine setup is better than trying to relay information to your doctor or nurse, and then having them relay the message. The specialist can hear the sound of your cough or see your swollen eyes. You can hear firsthand about your diagnosis and treatment options. Telemedicine is considered a regular healthcare service. In most cases, it should be billable to your health care insurance without issue. Through this we can save our time. Also, Telehealth services help people access convenient and timely health care via remote consultation. Using telemedicine, health professionals can diagnose and treat conditions like allergic reactions, lacerations, sprains, infections and more. patients can save more money and time by using telemedicine. Programs such as Premium Health Connections, offer affordable plans with premium provider of telemedicine that can help patients reap the various benefits of telemedicine.

Telemedical services to the patient at work, home, or while traveling by phone, or online using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Our proprietary telehealth program provides greater access to healthcare while reducing healthcare costs.  It has been estimated that telemedicine saves consumers $100 or more per doctor visit. Additionally, because Teladoc connects you with a doctor anytime that's convenient for you and anywhere you have access to a phone, computer or mobile app you can save time and money.

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